Friday, September 20, 2013

Week Four

Week Four Extension/Week Three IEW Plus

IEW - Lesson 3 Augustine of Canterbury

Skills: Creating titles from clincher (last) sentence and Adding dialogue into stories
Make sure students follow the format for quotations and commas, etc on p. 22
Checklist on p. 29 and 30
*Note - there are two paragraphs this week for level A; 3 for level B

Our Mother Tongue - Lessons 4 and 5 Pronouns and Prepositions

Study personal pronoun chart.  Try to fill out the blank side from memory.

Book Club - NEXT WEEK!!!

**Make sure you have finished reading The Whipping Boy and have completed at least one of the enrichment activities in the study guide and have it ready for a presentation to the class on Wednesday. 
Everyone who completes the assignements will receive a little prize.  :-)


Presentations - Timeline/History; Book report

Hymn - To God Be the Glory

GeoSong - Scandinavia Song #4

Poet - Christina Rossetti here 

Composer: Guillaume de MACHAUT  here
Listen to Agnus Dei, which means Lamb of God

FD - Lesson 6 Ad hominem - attacking a person's character or motive during an argument

VL - Lesson 4

History - SOTW, Chapters 7 and 8

Science topic - Mammals

Artist - DaVinci  here and here

World View - Lesson 2B

Pre-scripts - Lesson 4

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